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“mathilde blind”

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Mathilde Blind (* 21. März 1841 – † 26. November 1896) war eine englische Schriftstellerin deutscher Herkunft, die besonders für ihre Gedichtbände, Biografien und Übersetzungen bekannt ist. Mehr über Mathilde Blind auf Wikipedia HIER


Mathilde Blind (* 21 march 1841 in Mannheim, died 26 november 1896 in London)

Blind was born as Mathilde Cohen in Mannheim, but as a child she took the name of her stepfather, the revolutionary Karl Blind.

When Mathilde Blind was eight years old, the family had to flee first to Belgium, then to London, where she later published feminist writings. She became a poet, fiction writer, biographer, essayist and critic. In the early 1870s she emerged as a pioneering female aesthete in a mostly male community of artists and writers. 

Mathilde Blind appeared as a critic of faith in her youth and was expelled from school on charges of atheism. She acquired a broad knowledge in many fields autodidactically. At the age of eighteen she traveled alone through Switzerland; at thirty she left her parental home. Throughout her life she traveled extensively, including Egypt, Scotland, and continental Europe, which she also incorporated into her work. Blind never married and maintained social contacts mainly with women. She always remained closely associated with feminism. After her death, she bequeathed her fortune to an institution dedicated to the education of women.

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